It is now general knowledge that one needs a Permanent Resident Card to be able to become a permanent resident in the United States. There are a lot of policies and government parastatals that have various roles to play with regard to green card acquisition. To know your US citizenship application status is the very first step in quite a number of steps leading up to your acquisition of a green card. Your US citizenship application status will inform you whether or not you even have the necessary requirements needed to simply collect the form of application for a green card.

Some methods involved in acquiring a green card include:

  • Participation in the Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery Program:

About 55,000 people would be fortunate enough to gain a green card via this method on an annual basis. Usually, October would open the door to submission of forms and the results would be revealed in May or June.

  • Through a Family Member:

Marriage mates, single children under 21, blood siblings and other specific relatives of American citizens. A green card could be requested for the above-mentioned people by the relative who is already a citizen.

  • As a Result of your Job:

Your employer could make the request for a green card on your behalf or you could do it yourself. But some jobs allow special privileges with respect to a green card, such as religious workers, media journalists and many more.

Although there are quite a lot of methods through which a green card can be gotten, they all have similar traits, characteristics and even processes (for some). They all begin with determining your US citizenship application status, collecting necessary forms if you are eligible, attend necessary health-related tests, make required payments, correctly and accurately fill the form, attending an interview and a whole lot of other processes. These are things you could definitely do on your own.

Nevertheless, bear in mind that about a million green cards through all the different methods are awarded each year. Also, bear in mind that many more people (more than a million) would apply for a green card each year. Of these million plus people, a lot would be disqualified and would have to wait till the following year before being able to apply once more. A lot of these people are discredited after confirming they have a positive US citizenship application status. They make mistakes that on a normal day may not count as anything. But in the search for a green card, a lot of people are pulling out all the stops, a mistake, no matter how seemingly negligible is the last thing you want.

Right from the moment you confirm your US citizenship application status to the moment you receive your green card, we at Global USA Green Card Organisation would be more than delighted to aid you in avoiding these common mistakes. We have user-friendly and readily available customer care and can also help you to prepare for the necessary interview. Moreover, we could help go through your personal data to ensure that you are eligible to participate in the DV lottery program.


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