The steps to get a green card may be daunting, frustrating, and overwhelming, especially if you are going through the process by yourself. You can do well and have a successful application with the help of a reliable and professional green card agency. The steps involved in getting a Green Card to include:


  • Determine your eligibility: the first step to get a Green Card is to know if you are eligible for it. Your eligibility is determined by the category you wish to apply under. You can be granted a Green Card if you have a close relative in the US to stand as a sponsor for you. You are eligible to get a green card if you have a job offer in the US. Asylum or refugee status can make an individual eligible for a green card, a special immigrant can also get a green card. You can also get a green card by winning a green card lottery.
  • Filing a Petition: you need to file an immigrant petition. This may be done by a family member, a sponsoring company, or by yourself.
  • Waiting for approval: applicants are to wait for approval by the USCIS.
  • Filing an application: at this point, the applicant needs to file an application with the USCIS after their petition has been approved.
  • Waiting for application review: after application submission, applicants are to wait for the USCIS to review their application.
  • Biometrics: you will receive a notification for your biometrics appointment through a mail. The notification will bear the date, time, and the location you should report to for your biometrics process. Your biometric information is used to confirm your identity and conduct background checks to determine if you should be granted a green card or not.
  • Interview: this is the last step to get a green card. You are called in for an interview. The interview with the USCIS is necessary for every green card applicant. Your Green Card doesn’t get issued until after your interview.


In order to have a stress free, less intimidating and successful application, you can consult our services. We direct and prepare you for the interview and the general code of the embassy. Facing the process, yourself may not be the best step to take, there are several things you will need to pay great attention to, and this is where we come in to help you. Contact us today to have a successful application.


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