How to Get US citizenship? Here is a complete Guide

For most people around the world, their biggest dream would be becoming an American. While most people find it hard to fulfill that dream, other people make it their life’s journey in their bid to make this happen. The truth is that they are four broad ways in which one can get citizenship in America. So “how to get US citizenship” is a question Greencardorganization would be glad to answer. Here are the four ways to achieve this goal;


The first way to US citizenship is through naturalization. If you are not born in the US, this is probably the most popular way of becoming a US citizen. There are several ways in you can earn the right to be naturalized in the US. These could include;

  • You must have been a permanent residence for at least 5 years.
  • you can also get it if you are currently married to someone who is already a citizen of the US
  • You can also get citizenship if you have enlisted to serve in the US military.


Another popular route is through acquisition. Acquisition in this context would be referring to parents. You can become a citizen of the US if one or both parents are already citizens of the US. This would only be allowed if the parent was already a citizen before the child is born. If you want to know more about the acquisition route, Greencardorganization would also be ready to help you with tips on how to get US citizenship


Another route is through derivation. This is a situation where one acquires citizenship through the parents who are naturalized citizens in the United States. Some of the requirements would include that the child must be a green card holder and that the child must be currently residing in the country


One of the straightforward options would be birth. Everyone who is born in America has the chance to become citizens of the country.

Need more information on how to get US citizenship? Greencardorganization has a team of consultants who would always be ready to help you with any information that you need as regarding how to get US citizenship. We are absolutely confident that you would be completely satisfied with what we offer our clients. Always remember that we are at your service whenever we need us.


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