Currently, a lot of persons come into the country via the US Visa Lottery because they met all the requirements and understood what and what was needed. It is common to see a lot of persons groan about not being able to get their green card via the US Visa Lottery, no matter what they do. It is not surprising because they are yet to seek help from those that can put them through what is really needed.

One thing is sure is that the US Visa Lottery is one of the easiest ways of getting the Green Card.

Currently, the Department of States shares out over fifty thousand Green cards via this means annually.

This usually depends on not only luck but how you present yourself, hence the need for an expert to put you through. One should bear in mind that millions of persons from all over the world apply for this US Visa Lottery Program, but very few get in, as the lucky ones understood what the intricacies of the system were.

Every country in the list of countries that can participate in this is given 7% each of the sums of the Green Cards.

When you get a US Visa Lottery, it is quite easy to get those reputable resident permits. To be successful, it is wise that you seek expert advice before you participate in the US Visa Lottery yearly.


Currently, Green Card Organization, offers residents from all over the world, the opportunity to get picked at the US Visa Lottery. How is this possible?

One thing that should be noted is that those who were picked understood what should be filled at each category. For those that were not selected, many of them were known to make a mistake, though subtle, that caused them the chance of getting a spot at the US Visa Lottery. Therefore, it is advisable that one doesn’t enter the US Visa Lottery Program without having the necessary help.

If you fall under the over 50,000 of persons that win the US Visa Lottery yearly, you can easily apply and move to the US.

The person married to the winner and the kids below 21 years also gets a US Green Card too.


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