Green Card Organization provides you with consultancy services on how to secure your marriage green card

Do not let anyone deceive you. the road to getting a marriage-based green card can sometimes be long and hard. However, it is possible to get it. the application process can sometimes be draining. However, if you have let your filing process in our hands at Green Card Organization, then you probably have made it to the interview stage. The interview stage for a marriage green card can be quite stressful.

We here at Green Card Organization have made things much easier for you by providing you with some questions which might come from during the interview. Interested? Here are some of them


Green Card OrganizationThe questions you would be asked would mostly be divided into two parts. They would be personal and relationship related questions.

Some of the questions would revolve about your age, the gender, the color of your eye. However, as they go deeper into things about your relationship, you can expect more question in the range of the time you guys both met, the date you got married and if you have ever been divorced before.

Apart from these questions, you may also be asked questions relating to your family history. Some questions which you can be expected to be asked would include legal names that your parents bear, the place where you were born and if any of your parents have passed on in death.

It is important to note that answering these questions honestly is pivotal to getting your marriage green card at the end of the day. Failure to answer them correctly or any doubt that is created may lead to them not approving your marriage green card.

We at Green Card Organization understand just how nerve-racking it can be to come face to face with an official. We offer consultancy services which would help you know the ways to answer any questions that have been raised.

Here is a brief overview of the services we offer;

  • Consultation with our talented staff
  • Help with all interview related issues
  • We also help our clients with any advice they might need about settling down in the US.
  • We help with all registration and filing of forms. Regardless of what form needs to be filed, the Green Card Organization is always ready to be of assistance.

Green Card Organization would also be ready to be of assistance in any way that we can