Green Card DV Lottery refers to the Diversity Immigration Visa program. It is also referred to as the green card lottery.

The DV lottery is a program that enables individuals from a variety of countries to obtain a U.S green card. The lottery which is supervised by the United States Department of State offers about 50,000 immigrant visas and green cards annually to diversify the immigrant populace of the United States.

It gives foreign nationals an opportunity at drawing random lottery to acquire immigration Visa into the U.S. The number of green cards or immigrant visas available for grabs every year is limited. It also requires individuals participating to meet a certain eligibility status for the purpose of acquiring the green card.


As earlier stated, the Green Card DV Lottery requires individuals to meet specific eligibility requirements.

  • Qualification, Education, work experience

To be eligible for the Green Card DV Lottery, you must have a high school education (that is the completion of 12-years course comprising elementary and secondary education) or its equivalent or within the past 5 years, had work experience in any profession which requires a minimum of two years training or experience.

Documentary proof of such education and/or work experience is meant to be submitted at the consular office at the time of interview and not during the time of entering into the green card lottery.

  • Age

Although there is no express minimum age requirement, persons under the age of 18 may be disqualified effectively following the requirement of high school education and work experience for the applicant at the time of such application.

  • Other criteria

To be eligible to participate in the Green Card DV Lottery, it is not required that you speak or write English, you must not have a job offer in the U.S, nor do you require a specific amount of money for the entry.

However, you must be qualified as an immigrant. That is you must be a person of sound mind, not mentally deranged, you must be capable of working and supporting yourself. Also, you cannot qualify if you are a criminal or fugitive in your country or any other state since that would automatically put you as a threat to the National interest of the United States.


Although there is no cost to register for the DV program, the U.S DOS’ application for the Green Card DV Lottery has rigid instructions and guidelines to be followed, which can be costly to many eligible applicants on account of missing information, input oversights or negligent omissions. Therefore the GreenCardOrganization takes pride ensuring its clients are not affected by these mistakes by providing you with guaranteed participation in the lottery with the aid of our experienced immigration experts.


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