Getting a Divorce after obtaining your Green Card can become a very big problem for you. It can be worse if you got your Green Card by marrying a Green Card holder or a U.S Citizen. Divorce can be a very frustrating experience to go through. Due to this fact, the United States Citizen and Immigration service issues a two-year conditional Green Card in order to evaluate if the marriage is bona fide.


If you have obtained your Green Card by partaking in an illegal marriage, you have to know that divorce is a problem. In the United States, immigration laws say that only real and valid marriages under the law can enable an immigrant to duly qualify for a Green Card. Having a divorce will make the United States Citizenship and Immigration service come to you to question whether the marriage was bona fide. The USCIS is doing a very good job due to the fact that they are always in search of fraudulent marriages that take place in order to get a Green Card and getting a divorce may make them pay attention to you.


For those that are still processing their Green Card and divorce takes place, the law does not state that once you get divorced your Green Cards processes are over. It simply says that if you have submitted an application already but have not duly proceeded and this divorce occurs, your application process is cut short. But if you already have a Green Card and divorce after that, you will get investigated by the USCIS on the authenticity of your marriage in the first place. If you fail to provide proof of the validity and authenticity of your marriage, you will be referred to an immigration court where you will be deported from the United States.


The USCIS has to properly ensure that the marriage was not fake and was not established for the purpose of obtaining a Green Card in the U.S. After this probationary two years conditional Green Card, the intended divorce couple will be asked to file a joint petition described as the petition to get rid of the residence conditions.



So, there you have it. Green Card and divorce are something that is very important to know. Once you have your Green Card and divorce, you have to duly prove that your marriage was authentic in the first place in order to still maintain your Green Card otherwise you may forfeit it.


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