The Complete guide to making a DV Visa lottery Application online

Have you ever dreamt of winning the DV visa lottery and moving to the United States? You are not alone. Millions of people have the same dream. The only difference is that they are scattered around the world. The DV visa lottery is one of the ways in which the United States people from countries that have a limited number of persons in the US.

However, making a DV visa lottery application can be a tad confusing for applicants. With this in mind, Greencardorganization provides you with the complete guide as to how to make an application online for your DV visa lottery.

The first thing you would have to remember is to ensure that your application is made only to the US Department of state’s website. Any other application made to other websites might not count and you would have fallen into the hands of fraudsters. The form which you would most likely have to take and subsequently submit is the DS-5501. This is also known as the entry form for the DV visa lottery. It is important to remember that this form is only available when the DV visa lottery registration has been declared open.

One of the few tricks which would help with your application is too stay away from the first weeks of registration. Millions of applicants would be flooding in from over the world. The servers carrying the websites would probably be overloaded and delays would thus occur. Registering on the last week would be advisable in this situation.

Another thing which you would have to bear in mind is that you should make two entries for yourself. The USCIS would disqualify both entries immediately even if one was done by someone else. It is important therefore to ensure that you do not have multiple entries in your visa application. Other things which you would most likely need would also include photographs for your spouse, yourself and any child which you have that is still below the age of 21.

The process can be long and nerve-racking. We at Greencardorganization are aware of this. We are ready to assist you in any way that we can. Backed by our highly talented team, we are always ready to make sure that you get your application done and dusted. This would get the very best chances of qualifying for the DV visa lottery.


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