In the United States, there have been a lot of cases reported of divorces after obtaining a green card in the United States of America. Divorce after Green Card can become a very big problem for you and concerning your permanent residency especially if you got your green card by marrying a United States Citizen. Divorce after Green Card can be very devastating and very costly to go through that why in certain cases like this, the United States Citizen and Immigration service issues a two-year conditional green card in order to evaluate the marriage grounds.


The United States Citizen and Immigration Services has to make sure that the marriage was not solely for the purpose of obtaining a green card in a fraudulent manner. At the end of these two years, the intended divorce couple is required to file a joint petition which is described as the petition to get rid of the residence conditions.


If you have obtained your green card through illegal marriage, it is important to note that a divorce is a problem. The law says that only real marriages that are valid under the law can qualify immigrant for a green card. Having a divorce will spark doubts in the United States Citizenship and Immigration service on whether the said marriage was authentic. They are always in search of fraudulent marriages in order to get a green card and getting a divorce may cause them to place the searchlight on you even if real marriages often always tend to fall apart in one way or the other.


However, there is no part of the law which states that once you get divorced your green cards processes are over. It just means that if you have submitted an application, but you have not gotten approved for an interview when the divorce occurs, you may not be able to take further steps toward getting a green card are cut short. But if you already have a green card, and you get divorced after that, you will get investigated by the USCIS on the authenticity of your marriage in the first place. Failure to provide relevant proof on this issue will lead to a referral to an immigration court proceeding in order to remove you from the United States.



So, there you have it. Divorce after Green Card can be very detrimental for your stay in the United States of America. As an individual and an immigrant, you have to make sure that you make is legal and authentic so that in cases of divorce, you will be safe.


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