How to apply for a Diversity Visa Lottery with greencardorganization?

The diversity visa lottery is an annual lottery program organized by the US government for receiving US permanent resident cards. The lottery program is usually conducted under the Immigration and National Act. More than 20 million individuals apply for the Diversity visa lottery annually while only 50,000 immigrant visas are made available. This has made the program very competitive and the likelihood of an applicant winning is very small.  Your diversity visa is only valid for 1-2 years after which you must apply for a change of green card status. Although the chance of winning a Diversity Visa may be minute, yet green card organization through her immigration and legal expertise has been able to secure a DV visa for several of her clients. Starting from the point of application, interview scheduling stage, and receiving your visa, greencardorganization will guide and provide all relevant information for her clients. Having a successful Diversity visa lottery application is guaranteed with greencardorganization.

With the inception of the electronic diversity visa lottery form, the number of people who are qualified for receiving a DV visa continues to decrease. Many applicants may not complete the application within the timeline and this leads to termination. Or maybe made a few mistakes that led to a disqualification.

Filling a DV visa lottery form also requires lots of professional expertise which you may not possess as an applicant. However, with support from our team of experts at the greencardorganization, you can become a pro and be successful in your Diversity visa lottery application.

Steps to applying for a Diversity visa lottery with greencardorganization:

Step 1: Take an Eligibility test. You will take a test to ensure that you are qualified to enter the US Diversity visa lottery program. You must pass this eligibility test before you will be allowed to register for a DV visa lottery.

Once you are sure your country is eligible, proceed to step 2

Step 2: Log in to the website. Check if the application period is still open, if yes then proceed to step 3

Step 3: Apply to fill the form DS-5501 and pay the administrative DV lottery application fee.

Once you have made your payment online, you will be required to fill this form online within the required timeline which is 30 minutes. You cannot download the page as paper applications are no longer acceptable. If you have any issue with filing any part of the form our team of experts at the greencardorganization are available for immediate assistance.

Step 4: Create an account with USCIS. You will receive a registration number and a password to your account.

Step 5: Make sure you validate your photo, correctly type in the authentication code and verify all documents before you upload them.

Step 6: Log into your account and fill the form correctly and appropriately. Make sure you upload your photo and all attached documents

Step 7: Adhere strictly to all instructions. You should make sure you correctly fill all entries and all uploads must be online. If you are not sure about the right information to be entered, experts from the greencardorganization can give you the right suggestions.

Step 8: Once your application is successfully completed and submitted, you will receive a confirmation receipt displayed on your screen. It will show your confirmation number which will be used to view your application status. You can check with the Bureau of the consular affair if you have been selected with your confirmation number 6 months after the application period.



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