That is a very popular question and it is very normal I assure you. Questions like, am I eligible for a green card? Can I get a green card? How do I get a green card? These questions and more are very common, very normal and very popular questions and they are questions that we can help you answer.


In order to begin to answer this question, there are certain things that you as the candidate need to know and, certain requirements that need to be fulfilled by you as per the US immigration standards. These necessary requirements are known by us and as a part of our services, we will help you to get through each and every one of them in order to get an answer to your question.


Even before you apply for the lottery, the question “can I get a green card?” begs to be asked. It is a matter of importance to be guided through the application process so as to adequately fulfill the requirements necessary by the US. We recommend that you let us help you to get through this process as we are familiar with what to do and how to do it.


Another factor that affects the question “can I get a green card?” are statistics. There is a process to which the visa lottery is conducted and without detailed knowledge of this process and statistics, the chances of randomly applying and getting picked are rather slim. We have this knowledge and we are very well informed about this process hence, as a part of our services, we will help you go through the application process based on these statistical references. This process has been tried and is time tested and we have the results to show for it.


Going through the registration process and the form filling process, it is very important to ask yourself “can I get a green card?” As simple as this question is, it is important to be asked and answered. With our help, you will not only ask yourself this question but you will answer it adequately. Should the answer be in the negative, we are available and armed with the right information to guide you through what next to do.


Do not shoot blindly and take unnecessary risks, allow us to guide you through and help you answer your question; can I get a green card?


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