If you are contemplating becoming a US citizen, there are processes put in place by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services that you must go through. This will give you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of being a US citizen full time.

There are steps that the US Citizenship and Immigration Services requires you to complete from the point of proving your eligibility down to the moment where you swear an oath.


  • Enquire about your eligibility

You are required to have a green card by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services as the first step in citizenship eligibility. If you are a permanent resident, additional requirements are set out to qualify you for United States citizenship. They include the duration you have spent being a green card owner, Character, passing the English test, etc.


  • Overcome barriers

It is possible that you are not yet eligible based on the US citizenship and immigration services standards. it might be due to the fact that your character is in question or the rules regarding residential continuity were broken. It could also be that you have to wait just a bit longer to qualify. Then could be other steps needed to ensure that you are eligible. These are some of the common reasons for ineligibility.


  • The US Citizenship and Immigration Services form N-400

As soon as your eligibility is established, go ahead to file the necessary USCIS paperwork. You can kick-start the process using the N-400 form. This phone requires a fee of $640 as well as an extra fee of $85 for biometrics. Remember to attach your green card copy. On the acceptance of your application, a date will be set for you to carry out your biometrics.


  • Go for your biometrics

Background checks will have to be carried out for your application to be processed. An appointment will be fixed for a fingerprinting exercise. Your fingerprints are taken in order to carry out the necessary background checks at a local office.


  • Go for your interview

The next step will be to get an appointment where the US Citizenship and Immigration Services officer interview. This is a time when your  N-400 will be reviewed in order to confirm your answers. Your English and civics knowledge will also be tested.


  • The oath ceremony

A successful interview will lead to your approval but the process is not yet complete. You need to maintain a clean standing prior to the oath ceremony. Failure to eligible will disqualify you from becoming a legal permanent US citizen recognized by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services.


The public ceremony that is quite large will be held and you will be invited. It is at the ceremony that you get to swear an oath that you will remain loyal to the US. Your certificate of Citizenship will then be handed over to you, qualifying you as a legal citizen of the United States.


The process of getting your green card can be completed by you. To avoid the occurrence of errors and to ensure a smooth process, let us step in and help you. We are US green card professionals and have helped lots of applicants to succeed.


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