While clients can freely apply for the Green Card DV lottery on their own, the requirements for application as well as guidelines and instructions are very rigid and may thus require professional immigration services which we offer at our highly renowned Green Card organization. Here are the requirements:

STEP 1:  make your application online

Apply for the form, officially, from our system. The online form to be filled is referred to as Form DS-5501 which is only available during the DV registration period. The form is not downloadable. It is not advisable to wait a long time after the start of registrations before applying as demand for would be high.

STEP2:  instructions for application

The following are the requirements to be filled on the form

  1. Full name-
  2. Date of birth
  3. Gender
  4. City of birth
  5. Country of birth
  6. Country of eligibility or for the program
  7. Entry photographs
  8. Mailing address
  9. The country where you live
  10. Phone number

11 e-mail address

  1. The highest level of education achieved
  2. Marital status
  3. Number of children
  4. Spouse information
  5. Children information


STEP 3: Our immigration team will help you through the process of filling the form. And also upload all the necessary photographs.

Then we will make a final evaluation of your application form before it is finally submitted to the United States Government, to cross-check all possible mistakes and omissions.

STEP 4: Submission of application

After submission to the government, we are to receive a submission confirmation number, which is to be sent to you. This number is proof that your application has been successfully submitted and officially approved.


STEP 5: Filling of Visa Application form

After the lottery, the government randomly selects winners after which notification will be received by us directly if you were selected as part of the winners, then, we assist you in filing an application for Visa with the U.S consulate.

We will assist in filling the visa application forms for you as it is quite complicated. Failure to fill out the forms correctly will lead to a visa interview disqualification.

STEP 6: Visa interview letter from the KCC.

After the Kentucky Consular Council has reviewed your application, an e-mail will be sent to you at the address you provided in the form to inform you of an interview scheduled either at the U.S Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence. At the interview, the immigration officer, after going through your documents and asking relevant questions will issue you a visa to enter into the U.S

Your Green Card will arrive in the mail in 3-4 weeks at the U.S address provided by you.


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