A Green Card grants you an official immigration status in the United States. Your Green Card means having an unlimited residence and work permit in the United States and also entitles you to certain rights and responsibilities as well. It means that as a Green Card owner in the U.S, you are free to live and work for as long as you want, and you can even settle down here if you wish.

Our job is to help you in the process to acquire your Green Card efficiently. This article has pieced together information to inform you about how to get a Green Card if you are not sure how to get a Green Card in the U.S.

There are quite a number of ways to get a Green Card as well as obtain permanent residence in the U.S.

Here are some of the ways how to get a Green Card.

  • Through family member sponsorship. Where they are U.S citizens, you could be sponsored by your spouse or fiancé (e), your immediate relatives such as your Parents or siblings where.
  • Through employment. That is taking into account an individual’s professional inclination and business activities. An employer by obtaining a labor certification can apply for a Green Card for an alien employee. Also, certain skilled individuals who can be a considerable and proportionate contribution to the United States can be granted Green Cards by the U.S
  • Getting a Green Card through means of refugee/ asylum status. For example, a refugee domiciled for at least two years can apply or petition for certain relatives how to get a Green Card as well through refugee or asylee status.
  • Getting a Green Card through a DV Lottery program. The United States Diversity Immigrant Visa program is a lottery program that awards up to 50,000 Green Cards at random for individuals from different countries who meet certain eligibility requirements. After confirming whether or not you’re eligible, you will be required to fill and file a form with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) including all necessary supporting documents. Once the USCIS receives and approve your application, you will receive:
  • A receipt notice confirming that your application has been received
  • Notice for a biometrics appointment
  • Notice for an interview with an immigration officer at the nearest US embassy
  • A written notice of approval or otherwise


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